More Great Books for Maine Kids – August 2011 Newsletter

August 31, 2011

Read about the very special program that gives books to Maine kindergartners each year and learn when and how to read with the toddlers in your life.


More Great Books for Maine Kids – June 2011 Newsletter

June 23, 2011

Learn about the developmental milestones of early literacy in this edition of our newsletter. And don’t miss the opportunity to suggest a book we might use in the program. We’re looking for our 165th different title.

A Treasury of Tales from Maine

June 22, 2011

Children’s books by Maine authors and illustrators for Maine kids. Doesn’t get any better that that! Raising Readers has been fortunate indeed to work with some terrific authors/illustrators and their publishers to create six special anthologies to give to five year olds at their well child visits.

While the collections are only available through the program, a special arrangement allows for a copy of each collection to be sent to all public libraries in Maine. The latest anthology, A Treasury of Tales from Maine, hit libraries in May.

This year’s collection features five incredible stories:

Dance with Me by Charles R. Smith, Jr. Illustrated by Noah Z. Jones.
One Frog Sang by Shirley Parenteau. Illustrated by Cynthia Jabar
The Bugliest Bug by Carol Diggory Shields. Illustrated by Scott Nash
In the Wild by David Elliottt. Illustrated by Holly Meade
The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen. Illustrations by Chris Van Dusen, too.

While you’re at the library, look for the other Raising Readers collections:

Raising Readers: A Collection of Stories from Maine
Raising Readers: 5 Stories from Maine
Raising Readers: Stories for Maine Children
Raising Readers: Five Stories for Maine Children
Books from Maine: A Raising Readers Collection

We’re hard at work on the seventh anthology. Watch this blog for an opportunity to help us name #7. Titles for the fifth and sixth came from blog and Facebook suggestions.

Special thanks to the authors and illustrators and publishers that help make these unique  collections possible.

Raising Readers Stories: Taya at 4 Months

July 29, 2010

Raising Readers has touched Mom Lora in different ways – first, as a site coordinator for the Raising Readers program and now as a new Mom. Watch for posts from Lora and daughter Taya about their experiences with Raising Readers books.

Taya’s 4 Month Well Child Visit
Wow! She is getting so big! As the doctor came in she turned to notice the book, Smile that he was holding for her because it had a baby on the front smiling back at her. We opened it with her doctor and she smiled back. What a great way to start a visit with her doctor.